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This blog is dedicated to every woman, and especially horsewomen, who started their motherhood journey a little later than most. If you feel like your story is a theatrical event and you've just begun the 2nd act, then this blog is for you. This blog will communicate what I have learned from growing up a suburban latch key kid, to marrying a cowboy-at-heart, to relocating and raising our daughter in the heart of Rocky Mountain country.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What is my Passion?

For a while now, I have been thinking "What do I really want this blog to be all about?"  My posts have kind of been hit or miss. Some about daily life, some about the kid, some about horses - some here some there, some everywhere.

But that doesn't really serve you, dear reader.  I want you to feel as if reading my blog creates value in your day, time well spent.  So I asked myself, "What is my PASSION?!" I want my readers to connect with me & the things I am most passionate about in life.

What is my PASSION?

Two things - my family, and horses.  My husband, my daughter, my four-legged girls.  Simple.  These things bring me the greatest joy in life.

So, from now on my posts will be strictly guided by these things.  If the post doesn't serve family, horses or my daily joy, then it won't serve you.

So, coming up in the next few days and weeks are post DEVOTED TO MY PASSION!

First up will be my 2 fantastic days spent at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.  I am working on some great video footage, fun pictures, and wonderful stories to serve my fellow horse enthusiasts (especially those of you in the Rocky Mountain Region).

After that are some fun family posts coming up about Threenagers, and the seriousness of not judging parents, or ANYONE for that matter, without having all the facts.

I sincerely hope you will stay tuned.......