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This blog is dedicated to every woman, and especially horsewomen, who started their motherhood journey a little later than most. If you feel like your story is a theatrical event and you've just begun the 2nd act, then this blog is for you. This blog will communicate what I have learned from growing up a suburban latch key kid, to marrying a cowboy-at-heart, to relocating and raising our daughter in the heart of Rocky Mountain country.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Help needed in the Highchair department!

First, I just had to share this picture I found at the Equine Photographers circle here on google+

I added the quote:

Child is definitely testing this notion this morning.  She cannot stop touching my face no matter how many times I ask her to, command her to, BEG her to, or discipline her because of.  What IS IT about 3 years old that wills the child to ABSOLUTE refusal of all things good and obedient????

Yep, this sums it up.

OK, so I need extra patience......or extra medication.....or both.  Prayers help me......at least to refrain from child homicide.  (Just kidding!  Please, PC police, do not sik the local authorities on me.  My child is very well cared for, I promise).  Actually, that reminds of a joke I once heard:
An old, wonderful couple were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. 60 YEARS!!!  Could you imagine the experiences, the love, the stories this couple could share?  Well, one of the celebration attendees asked the couple, "What is the secret to your marriage longevity?"  and the wife replied, "During all of these years, whenever we had a fight, not once did I ever....ever consider divorce an option."

"Murder, on the other hand........"

Been there, thought that.  Numerous times.  Last night, for example!  But we will save that story for another time.  Just rest assured that hubby (and child) are still alive and well.  Thankfully, Jehovah God answered all my prayers!  ;-) 

.....just let me get through this day without losing it, entirely.  A little "losing it" is ok, I can survive that.  We all have seen that.  It may not be very pretty, but it is survivable.  "That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger." Right? I just wish I weren't getting so darn strong all the time!  ;-)