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This blog is dedicated to every woman, and especially horsewomen, who started their motherhood journey a little later than most. If you feel like your story is a theatrical event and you've just begun the 2nd act, then this blog is for you. This blog will communicate what I have learned from growing up a suburban latch key kid, to marrying a cowboy-at-heart, to relocating and raising our daughter in the heart of Rocky Mountain country.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why do kids love the snow?

...cuz it's cold, wet, and slippery!  What's not to love?!  

So, today was our first big snow.  We broke a record today for lowest temp.  Ironically, just a couple weeks ago we broke a record for warmest temps! LOLAnd what does a 3 year old want to do on the coldest day on record?  Go outside and play in the snow, of course!!  Hee hee.  We got to take her sledding today, what fun that was!

Thoughts about the snow - 
  1. Make sure you take the time to actually GO SLEDDING WITH THE KIDDOS!  It is so much fun, and once this day is gone, it's gone.  Don't ever say, "I wish I had......"  
  2. Watching a 3 year old play in the snow is like reliving your childhood all over again.  She LOVED simply running through the snow and kicking it, as well as sledding and making snow angels.
  3. You can't make a snowman in fresh powder.  
  4. If you have a dog over 40 lbs, he probably will not sit on a saucer sled on your lap.  He DEFINITELY won't if the 3 year old is also on your lap.  
  5. Take a video of the 3 year old sledding, both from the top and the bottom of the hill.  Rewatch that video every day!  You will never want for laughter!!
  6. Saucer sleds go faster the colder they get.  They are significantly more fun than straight sleds. 
  7. When finished playing outside, drink homemade hot chocolate.  Yummy!!!
  8. When done drinking hot chocolate, you will probably need a nap........like me (and dog! Thanks, hubby, for the flattering photo!):
Happy sledding!  Denise