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This blog is dedicated to every woman, and especially horsewomen, who started their motherhood journey a little later than most. If you feel like your story is a theatrical event and you've just begun the 2nd act, then this blog is for you. This blog will communicate what I have learned from growing up a suburban latch key kid, to marrying a cowboy-at-heart, to relocating and raising our daughter in the heart of Rocky Mountain country.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Stay little, little one....

A Momma's 1st Poem

{Written for Charlie Walker, when she was 7 months old}
3 months old
Stay little just a little while longer.

Yesterday, I held up your head, and I cuddled you on my shoulder so you could see the world.
Today, you are almost crawling and you sit up all on your own, laughing when you tumble over.
Tomorrow, you will be running into your daddy’s arms.  You will shriek with laughter as he tickles you with kisses.  You will ride the wind on the back of your horse, soaring over the fields as your beautiful long hair flows behind you.

Please, just stay little a little while longer.

Yesterday, you needed me to hold your bottle to your lips.  You suckled as I cooed and sang to you.
Today, you hold the bottle in your own tiny hands.  You pick it up from the floor, pop it in your mouth and suck out the last precious drops.  You swing in your swing, trying hard to keep those blue eyes open, and then lull peacefully into your morning nap.
Tomorrow, you will hold the spoon all by yourself, not caring that more of its contents end up in your lap than your mouth.  You will want to be a big girl - but you will still love to snuggle and hold my hand as you nurse in my arms.

Please, oh please.  Stay little a little while longer.

Yesterday, I waited for your sweet smile as I dangled a toy from above.  You tried so hard to reach out, while your arms made tiny spastic arcs and you whimpered in frustration.
Today, you overturned the toy basket as you searched for the pink pony you love.  A blue plastic triangle lies at your side, discarded suddenly when you found something else to pound.  How you enjoy the noise that makes!
Tomorrow, you will pull out my pots and pans for a drum solo in the kitchen.  You will be spelling your name and “mommy” and “daddy” with plastic letters on the refrigerator door.  You will adore Bubble Guppies and Dora and Pet Patrol.

Oh, my darling daughter.  Stay little, just a little while longer.

I will cherish every milestone, every special step you take in your childhood journey.  I will be there when you pull yourself up to stand, when you take those first careful steps, when you run and jump and fly.  I will wipe your tears when you cry, kiss your knees and elbows when you stumble, help you to stand and try again & again.  I will always be there to support you, cheer you, encourage you, comfort you.  But just for today, just for this moment when you are my baby girl, just for now………please, just stay as you are, just stay little….for a little while longer.